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Cut to the Quick - What is an Entrepreneur? The Inside Story

Enjoying the title of entrepreneur is a hollow feeling.

If you have ever been out of work and joined a multi level marketing outfit, or joined the ranks of "commission only" sales reps you are considered to be an entrepreneur.

I call it hollow, because the word resonates within us on some fundamental level. Images of independance and success beckon to us as we discard the shackles of a 9-5 job.

We are our own boss.

The reality is quite different. Ugly even. In fact, other entrepreneurs feed of our naive ambitions by playing to our dreams in an effort to enslave us in their own aspirations.

Where else can you find willing, free, labour to work for absolutely nothing. In exchange for this privellage, some will even use their own meagre resources to aid the operation. They buy samples, use their petrol, their time, their money, in an effort to make the sale. To get PAID!

I wager this is the experience of the majority. This is their first taste of entrepreneurialship, and it taste disgusting.

An entrepreneur is supposed to make money! Lots of it. They are meant to be the hirers. NOT the ones hired.

I have watched over the years as family or certain friends have rang me with wrapt enthusiasm about a new product they have. It amazes me how willing they were to throw it all away for the promise of the dream.

The real entrepreneur is a professional. He has asscociates and not an upline, or a boss. His asscociates benefit from him, but not eclusively. Its a mutual relationship or its severed.

Here is a dictionary definition of an entrepreneur:

"A person who organizes, operates, and assumes the risk for a business venture"

Read the key words here.

"assumes the risk for a business venture"

This is really the essence of an entrepreneurs job. To get paid for the risks they take.

Educated, calculated risks.

The world is full of these successful individuals.They live by the spontaneaous whim of their instinct. They earn in many spheres of endeavour.

90% of these successful entrepreneurs operate in the world of proffessional "opportunity investment"

They start with virtually nothing, and build up a large seed capital account by simply investing small, and selling for a big price.

Opportunity Investment can be utilized at every imaginable price point. $100 is all thats needed or even less to make your first transaction.

Next time somebody offers you a packaged entrepreneurial "job" tell them you'd rather be paid by the hour. Your time is worth more.

However, if you live with the spark of a dream, consider the lucrative and genuine world of the entrepreneur: "Opportunity Investment"

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