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How Entrepreneurs Succeed - The 5 Qualities Needed For Business Success

What is it that sets a successful businessperson apart from an average businessperson? Is it down to pure and simple luck, or is it all about having an amazing idea and a successful and strategic business plan in place?

Well, these factors do indeed go a long way to turning a good business idea into a successful business operation, but they have nothing to do with what makes the 'person' succeed at business.

Every great entrepreneur naturally has 5 key attributes that sets them aside from their competition and that ensure they will succeed where others may fail. These 5 personal qualities will all reflect upon the entrepreneur's business and they will mean the entrepreneur grows and develops every area of their own personal expertise to become not only the strategic thinker behind the business, but the strategic manager poised to lead the company forward to achieve even greater success.

The 5 qualities that every entrepreneur shares and that are the keys to their business success are: -

1) Desire - To succeed you have to have a massive desire to break out of the average 9 - 5 grind, to step off the employee-job-salary treadmill and to put your ideas, ideals and beliefs into action. An entrepreneur's desire for personal fulfilment and professional success is his number one key strength and that which will force him to start out in business in the first place. This desire to achieve will become a desire for success and this desire for success will be reflected throughout the business.

2) Positivity - Entrepreneurs have a positive mental attitude towards their life, their business and themselves; they are not restricted by disappointments and regrets and they look forward not backwards. A naturally positive person sees opportunities where others see obstacles, a naturally positive person frees their mind from negativity and disappointment so that it is free to dream, imagine, develop and expand.

3) Commitment - To succeed you have to be committed to putting in the hard work necessary to build a business from the ground up. You have to commit to your beliefs and desires, you have to commit to your business idea and you have to commit to the employees within your company. With commitment comes effort, with effort comes results, with results comes success!

4) Patience - Patience and commitment go hand in hand, and the patient entrepreneurs who dedicate themselves to working away at their business day after day will reap the rewards of their patience when the steady and focused hard work pays off in the form of positive and successful results.

5) Persistence - Nothing is ever straightforward or without contradiction or change and the future is unknown. These factors mean that the final key entrepreneurial attribute is simply critical to success. When obstacles appear, when goal posts are moved and when 'these things are sent to try us' you have to persist with your ideas, persist with your hard work and keep focused on success. With patient and committed persistence the desired results will come.

Rhiannon Williamson is the publisher of Shelter Offshore, an online motivational magazine designed to help those seeking new lives and business, investment and real estate opportunities abroad. Read more of her articles about working, living, investing and buying property abroad, visit Shelter Offshore

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