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Taking Charge and Getting Results: The Choice is Yours
As one of the most successful direct sales entrepreneurs in the industry, I have found there are two kinds of people in the world, those who would like success and those who are serious about success. There really is no in between.

The Magic of Float
If you've ever received a service today and paid for it in 30 days you've experienced the concept of "float" - the time difference between when you receive a service and when you paid for it. In most cases this time period is a convenience to you as a customer, but in the world of business marketing it can absolutely transform your business.
Ex-Yankee Pitcher Pitches Barter As Powerful Business Tool
Mission Viejo, CA - June 14, 2005 - Bob Meyer, a former major league pitcher in the 1960s who signed four-consecutive major league contracts with the New York Yankees, is now the most visible spokesman for the worldwide commercial barter industry.Meyer is the publisher of BarterNews, which he founded 25 years ago.
Solving the Million Dollar Mystery: 4 Steps To Create A Turn-Key Business
You're a smart, hardworking entrepreneur, and you're moving fast. You are highly educated in your field and your business is growing and getting busier each day.
The Power Of Personal Environments
I've got to admit, I'm a big fan of comfort. I like it when things in my world are stable and reliable.
The Dirty Dozen
1) No Umbrella Business Plan or Strategy -- Without a plan, there's no serious way to gauge the growth and progress of your business. You need a realistic map for where the customers will come from and where your business is going.
Determine Your Niche & Be Successful
What's a niche? provides a great, twofold definition:"A situation or activity specially suited to a person's interests, abilities, or nature.
The Business Leader as Ultramarathoner
Have you ever heard of an ultramarathon? A standard marathon isjust over 26 miles. An ultramarathon is usually on the order of50 or 100 miles, though there are some that span one thousand! Imagine the endurance required to run such a race.
Leadership Attributes for Business Success
Business success is essentially the result of successful leadership. Contrary to the popular myth, leaders are not just born.
How Good Is Your Big Idea
Q: I want to start my own business. I have tons of business ideas that all sound great to me, but my husband is not so sure.
Why Most CEOs & Entrepreneurs Fail?
Times are tough. The economy is in a constant state ofupheaval.
Expand Your Resourcefullness!
The success and failure for the entrepreneur is largely dictated by the ability to gain access to resources, both personal as well as those of others.So the big question is then 'how does one become more resourceful?' Like many of the skills of the entrepreneur, resourcefulness requires constant cultivation.
Can You Make Money Without Money?
When I ask why you don't start your own business, I always hear, "I don't have money to start a business."This is a common excuse people give for not starting their own business.
Double Down on Marketing
If you want to compete in the world of high growth startups, you better know how to play the marketing game. Marketing has become a big stakes game where companies are betting fortunes on the success of their products.
From Employee to Entrepreneur: Taking the Plunge
Before you decide whether or not running your own business is right for you, start by pinpointing your area of expertise and assessing your aptitude for business.Starter Questions Ask yourself the following questions:- In what areas do people approach me for advice and assistance? From what parts of my job do I get the most satisfaction?- What do I like doing so much that I would do it even with no pay?- What hobbies or interests could I "spin off"into a small business?- Do I enjoy budgeting and financial planning?- Do I enjoy making cold calls, tele-marketing and selling?- Do I have enough self-discipline to work on my own?- How easy is it for me to bounce back from rejection & setbacks?Proceed with CautionBefore you take the plunge, it's important to "wade in gradually" or you may just find yourself swamped.
Used-Book Case Study
Dwight Payne and Gary Heap reside in Santa Barbara, CA, where they attend college and pursue their mutual hobby of science-fiction book collecting. They pooled their book collection of over 4,000 volumes, and sci-fi magazines going back over twenty-five years.
The Entrepreneurs Dilemma
In business, you plan to protect your inventory, your unique ideas and approach, and your money. It's easy to replenish inventory, come up with new ideas and make more money.
Starting Your Business: It All Boils Down To Making Money and Saving Money
Bootstrapping in the context of business start-ups refers to the use of creative financing approaches such as leveraging personal savings, credit-card debt, loans from friends and family, bartering, and other means to launch a business. Some business founders use bootstrapping because they have no other choice.
How To Find Hot Online Business Ideas
Would you like to find the key that unlocks thedoor to a gold-mine of online response, sales and results for your business?It seems obvious that you would be able to see what the experts do differently when locating market opportunities, finding out what people want and quickly turning that into an online business generatingtruckloads of cash. The reality is YOU CAN'T!While the secret is massive in it's impact, it is so subtle - so subtle that you are sure to miss it if you don't know what to look for.
What Qualities Do Franchisors Need?
When I got into business I wanted to build a company, which helped people and provide a product and service that people loved and were willing to pay for; one I would not have to sell or convince anyone of. Something that people truly wanted to extend and enhance their pursuit of happiness.