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Have You Been Thinking About Owning Your Own Business? Or Becoming An Entrepreneur? Part 1

Almost every day, I talk with people who want to start their own home-based businesses. I receive an interesting reaction when I ask people, "What are you looking for in a home-based business?" The most common response I get is, "Umm, well . . . I don't know." Keep in mind that these people have requested information about starting a home-based business. They have taken time and effort to go online and fill out a form, or do some research. And yet, they don't know what they want.

At first this puzzled me, but then I began to realize that most of these people are in the early stages of seeking their independence from a job or corporate America. They have never done anything like this before, so of course they don't know what they want in a business. Most people don't know much about evaluating a business much less starting one.

A few years ago, I stood in their shoes. I wanted something different. I wanted financial independence, but I didn't know what I wanted. When I look back at myself, I realize that I was incredibly naive and green.

I did know that I wanted something that would bring me financial independence, but I didn't know what it was or how to go about finding it. Remembering my early beginnings, I'm not surprised that people don't know what they want in a business. They just know they want something different or that there is something better out there. They want to find it. They are being proactive and looking, but they are not sure what that "something" is. People in this stage are very vulnerable. This could be the "make it" or "abandon it" stage in becoming financially independent. If people don't get answers and understanding, they may give up!

If you are at this point in moving toward financial independence, I don't want you to give up. I want to try and sketch out for you the steps that you should take to become successful. If you are past this stage, but not experiencing the success that you want, these principles could also help you to move forward.

There are six principles that can open the doorway to success. People must understand, implement, and practice, practice, practice these six principles. The principles don't just apply to business but to everything in life. When people begin to understand and use these principles, they can begin to change and take charge of their lives.

The Six Principles:

1. YOU are your biggest and best asset.
2. Your attitude brings victory or defeat.
3. A purpose and goals are the compasses that give you direction and keep you on the right road.
4. Tenacity is more important than talent.
5. Education sets you above the crowd. Education may not be what you think it is!
6. Taking action is the only way to success.

These seem simple and straight forward to people who have been practicing them; however, to people who have not been taught these principles or who are newly awakened to the possibilities life has to offer, these principles sound good, but without explanation and coaching, they are shrouded in mystery.

Next: YOU are your biggest and best asset.

Cora Foerstner is on her road to success. She also wants to help as many people as possible find their road to success. She is a network marketer, sometimes writer, and often can be found teaching at a local university. Contact Cora at 714-774-0624,, or visit her web site:

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