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Business Name - How to Choose One

It's very important to get your business name right. You mayalready have a business name but it's not too late to changeit. Let's face it; big organisations change their businessand product names all the time.

I named my business Fairweather Associates when I started in1993. However, when I attended networking events with myname badge on my lapel, people would ask - "Are you lawyersor accountants or architects?" They would come up witheverything except what I actually did, which wasProfessional Speaking and Consulting.

I've retained Fairweather Associates for my business bankaccount; however, I'm much better know as

Here are some things to think about when choosing yourbusiness name:

#1 Make it easy to remember - I met a lady from a graphicdesign business called - "Shout" - I'll always remember thaton.

#2 Make it easy to pronounce. People feel uncomfortable ifthey phone you and pronounce your name incorrectly.

#3 Make it easy to spell

#4 Stir the customer's interest - make them want to ask more- Jones the Plumbers doesn't exactly do it.I met someone from - "Dynamic Plumbers" I had to ask - "Whatmakes you "Dynamic"

#5 Make it positive sounding - optimistic

#6 Make it changeable - "Apex Software" might want to startselling hardware someday.

#7 Make sure it doesn't confuse you with someone else

#8 Make it attract the kind of customers you want -"" sells all sorts of equestrian products to thehorsy set.

#9 Make it fun, (if it's appropriate for your business) -"Curl up and Dye" - not for the baldies

#10 Make it quirky - - would you believe it's a bank

Here are some suggestions to help you choose a name:

#1 Brainstorm - think about how you want people to feel whenthey see or hear your name

#2 Think of humorous aspects of what you do

#3 Check other names and trademarks on the internet

#4 Check domain names

#5 Does your name sound cheap or expensive

#6 Think about picking a name that starts with "A." Thatcould be important if you want to be listed in a publicationsuch as Yellow Pages

There are books you can buy and software you can use to helpchoose a business name. Check out this book:

The Name's the Thing: Creating the Perfect Name for YourCompany or Product Henri Charmasson

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